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I am a Ghanaian-based African food connoisseur, Founder, and CEO of a culinary company called Telande World Limited.

“Telande” means “eat with me” in the Ghanaian Kusasi dialect from the Northern part of the country.

My passion for food has made me an expert in the art of food blogging, food photography, videography, and food styling. I find myself in a joyous state when I engage in the beautiful process of cooking from its raw state to its plating.

I believe Africans have a lot to offer in the culinary industry, thanks to the abundance of indigenous ingredients at our disposal. It has since been my mission to use these ingredients to create exciting new recipes while adding stupendous touches to existing ones.

My recipes are made with brevity in mind and are highly experimental for easy practice at home by patrons, as part of my quest to project the African culinary arts I do hold masterclasses for interested individuals and also have started a culinary school

(Telande School of African Culinary and Food Science) to introduce the food culture to the masses at an earlier age.

Coming from multiple Ghanaian tribes and cultural backgrounds, I was my mother’s right-hand person in the kitchen and the food critic in the family. I usually end up in a lot of disagreements with my siblings but that is a story for another time.

My father, who is a cook, was a catalyst in enhancing my cooking prowess when he discovered my passion for art at a younger age.


Growing up I have always been enthused about plants and animals, especially the process from their “birth to growth” and eventually using them for my recipes, this led me to start a backyard garden at home and I haven’t looked back since, this has motivated me to cultivate hectors of landfilled with locally grown fruits, vegetables, and livestock.

Aside from cooking, nothing brings me joy more than traveling around the world to sample ingredients and foods from different cultures which double as a huge inspiration for my craft.

The mere fact that ingredients can be molded in various ways to create different recipes tops it all for me. I believe there is huge potential for African cuisines and ingredients that will appeal to food audiences all over the world, should it be promoted effectively and presented in the right light across borders to those who know nothing about it.






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