Aug 30 2018


There is a never-ending war in Africa that passes on from generation to generation. And with the ever-evolving ways of doing things on social media deeply rooted in the war, an end could be far away from imagination.

It is the “Jollof war”. Mostly dominated by Ghanaians and Nigerians as to who has the best recipe in one of the most innovative cooking process ever created in the history of food in Africa (yeah, said it), fighting over food has never been so international.People from Senegal and Gambia sometimes make claims to that they have the best Jollof rice since jollof originated from the wollof tribe .But in actual sense, these fights are just a way to show Africans have a bond that binds them all and that is the love for food.With different cultures comes different ways of doing things, food not exempted.

Africans have different cuisines. However, among the lot are specific ones that have risen above the rest.

One can’t pass through Ghana without hearing the word ‘Waakye’. Same goes for ‘Eba’ in Nigeria. Tourists can never have enough of these African foods which makes it not just about the talk.Here are the most talked about African foods you should try if you ever have the chance.

Waake/waakye (Ghana)

Waakye is simply rice and beans with the aid of sorghum stalk providing the reddish hue. But it’s not that simple. As one of the very few foods in the world that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and supper, Waakye is in a league of its own. Its ability to be at peace with other food complements like spaghetti, gari, boiled eggs, fried fish, meat and a Ghanaian special kelewele, makes it the go-to food in time of need. And oh, the shito and stew must be tasty. It adds to the awesomeness.

Thieboudienne Jollof (Senegal)

As much as Ghana and Nigeria thought they had monopolized the Jollof war, senegal always reminds us that jollof originated from them but its commonly known as Thieboudienne among the wolof tribe.On first look, one might think every Jollof be Jollof. But hold that thought, until you try Senegal’s very own Thieboudienne which has an array of vegetables .

Shisa Nyama (South Africa)

Shisa Nyama literally translates as burnt meat. So how hard could that be?Well, the taste is in the detail. Grilling meat is not just about grills, It’s the seasoning, the flavours of the marinade and the compliments that make an amazing combo and most of all sharing it with good company.

Egusi Soup (Nigeria)

With Nollywood movies being among the most popular ones on the continent, you probably have heard Eba and Egusi Soup somewhere along the line.Prepared with melon seeds and leafy vegetables, Egusi Soup is also be referred to as Miyan Agushi in Hausa and Efo Elegusi in Yoruba.Once you have your Egusi Soup, Fufu, pounded yam, Eba, rice balls and Amala are the perfect compliments.

Zanzibari Briyanis and Pilau (Zanzibari)

Make no mistake, this is not Jollof rice. Pilau is rice cooked with a mixture of seasoning, spices and meat or vegetable. It’s cooking ingredients are similar to that of Briyanis. However, there is a slight difference in the cooking method.Pilau’s ingredients are cooked together with the rice in the same pot. For Briyanis, the rice is cooked in a separate pot with the meat and sauce also cooked in another pot. Both are combined afterwards.One thing is guaranteed though, a delicious taste for both.Nyama Na Irio (Kenya)Ever tried mashed potatoes and meat? This is kind of a similar deal but with a touch of Kenya. And oh, the peas and corn add a different flavour that will forever make Nyama Na Irio special.

Periperi Chicken (Mozambique)

There is chicken and there is chicken. Don’t compare your chicken to any other chicken saying you’ve had it all, Like never!Periperi Chicken gives you another option to explore. The seasoning before the grill makes a whole lot of difference. The flavour profile is just amazing!

Attieke/akyeke with Aloko (Ivory Coast)

It’s a cassava dish from West Africa, precisely Cote d’Ivoire. Having taken the form of gari since its inception, a lot of people may give it a pass even though it is widely talked about.Next time you see it, try it. It will be worth your while (or taste buds).

Okra Soup (Togo)

African foods have a lot of swallows and okra soup is there to guide them to their destination. Okra soup in Africa is popularly known because of the sliminess. That’s not to say they are just there for that. No.Depending on how you want it, ingredients ranging from fish to meat could make your Okra Soup a whole lot better and tasty. Yeah, that’s why it’s always on the lips of people. Like literally.

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