Sep 07 2018


Growing up in Ghana came with its own share of stories that could literally scare the hell out of any child.

Talk about singing in the bathroom. Seriously, who wanted their mum to die? Putting one hand on the floor while eating meant not getting any nutrients from the food you ate besides, who wants waste chew? Eating is hard you know.

There were a few others like no whistling in the evening. No sweeping at night and the almighty seeing ghosts in your sleep if you ever ponded fufu under the moonlight.

These were principles to guide a peaceful and healthy society. No singing while bathing was a means to avoid health issues by getting dirty soapy water into you mouth also, the night stuff, purely a no disturbance policy.

But it gets serious when it comes to food. In our traditional setting, there are different gods who basically have different preferences when it comes to food. Not only that. It gets scarier like the duck turns to snake theory. Really? Hold your breath.

Here are all the food superstitions you need to know in Ghana.

Eto for the gods

Eto is a Ghanaian food made from mashed yam or mashed semi-ripped hard plantain. It is mostly mixed with red oil and spices to give it the great look and taste. Eto is complement with boiled eggs when serving and the gods will definitely not like theirs without an egg. Sweet!

Kpokpoi for the gods

Kpokopi is also known as Kpekple. With the food largely ingrained in the celebration of the Homowo festival where it is sprinkled around the community and it is believed by morning it disappears……. Anyways this according to the Ga tribe of Ghana . Surely that’s a food for the gods.

Aprapransa for the witches

People say aparansah is food for the witches, but how? Is it because of the challenging process of preparation? We are still curious to know why people claim it’s food for the witches. Nobody wants to be called a witch because they love Aprapransah.

Eggs for gods

Just like they like it on their Eto, eggs are always part of the offerings given to gods and mostly people use them to entice the gods when requesting for something plus these gods have taste! They love fowl eggs the most, as to whether the brown or white we cant tell but what we do know for sure is they love it raw or hard boiled!

Cashew fruit

If you drink milk after eating cashew fruits, you will die. Ooopsy! Which is not true, but it is advisable not to eat cashews if you have allergies because its easy for people with allergies react to it, so in order to stop people who have allergies from eating it they came of with a sham saying drinking milk after eating cashew fruit will make your internal organs black and you will die!!!!

Ducks and onion

If you cover a duck with a basket and throw an onion in, the duck will turn into a snake. For people who already love to eat snakes, bingo! Hey, don’t be scared. These are all food superstitions in Ghana. Oh wait, are they?

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