Sep 07 2018


Humans are animals, technically. But just imagine being in a restaurant with one of your favorite cuisines in front of you. Next to it is a compliment with a card indicating ‘Olive oil grilled human flesh with a touch of chilli pepper mix’. Yeah right? The disgust! Environmental factors shape people’s taste. If all your mother gave you was fufu with soup, it’ll be hard for you to have lasagna as your favorite meal. When it comes to shaping taste, however, people have a variety of things they like, sometimes going the extreme based on your point of view. The usual chicken is a delicacy for many. So is goat, cow and the likes. But have you ever tasted crocodile or python meat? No way? Please! You might forget your usual goat meat once you taste these animals.

Here are all the animals people didn’t think were edible:


Crocodile kebabs with lime and ginger sauce is a thing.


It is safe to say people who have tasted cat meat never turn back … despite the hustle in its killing and preparation.


Ever tried alligator fingers, alligator sauce piquante or alligator balls? It Could be your next go-to meat. Tastes like chicken.


Boiled in soup, grilled or fried, python is a real deal when it comes to beefing up your recipes.


Doggie beef stew (Just snap out of that filthy mind!), dog meatloaf or just putting it in your soup and eating like a boss, dog meat is everything you want it to be.


Frog legs, yummy! You probably know this already. You just haven’t mastered the courage to try it. Try it!


Barbecued Emu, presents you with another option in the kind of stuff you eat.


One of the most talked about Kangaroo recipes is Kangaroo fillet, and honey… it’s worth the hype.


You are probably disgusted reading this right now. But hey, one man’s meat is another’s poison. Don’t judge until you taste it.


These adorable creatures are similarly adorable in taste. From dove and fig kabobs to hot fried doves, you’d equally love it as taking huckleberry grilled doves or keep it local and simple by grilling it with salt and chili, hashtag suya style!

Veel (Baby Cow)

If their mamas and papas can do it, why not? Ever tasted beef? Similar but tender, They are the sheep meat of goat meat.

Weevil larvae

Spring onions, check. Ginger, check. Tomato, check. Chili, check. Red pepper, check. Garlic, check. And you’re on course for a very tasty weevil larvae recipe.


A perfect go to for a sandwich recipe. Can also be fried.

Flying termites

With the rise in noodle recipes, flying termites could give your noodles a touch of greatness. Spicy, in case you need a hint and pray for the rains.

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